How we work

The basis of our work is the close collaboration of all participants!

We are convinced that a balanced and successful service concept can only be developed when the perspectives and needs of all participants are considered. Therefore we like to work for you, but even more to work with you, your customers and your employees to design the requirements for unique service eyperiences.

01 Together we frame distinct questions and goals!

The first and most important step within a project consists of the joint framing of a clear task and precise goals of the project. What is the focus of the project? What are the expectations towards the outcome? Who is responsible and needs to be involved for a successful collaboration? These and more questions have to be answered within a kick-off-workshop.

02 With us you get to know your customers better!

In the research phase we observe the whole surrounding of a service. Through the use of interactive and creative tools we dive deep into the world of your employees and customers, to get an overview of all participants and to uncover the relationships within a company. The aim is the better understanding of existing problems and the elements that influence the behavior of your customers. We communicate all gained insights in an easy and understandable way and get to the heart of the findings.

03 Together we transfer Insights into solutions!

In an open and creative atmosphere a broad pool of ideas and solution approaches based on the insights of the research phase can be developed. After a joint discussion a range of concepts is picked to be developed further by service works. Co-creation allows to integrate the creative potential of employees and customers into the design process and thereby to create service innovations. From this way of working concepts arise, that have been developed with stakeholders, that they are convinced of and which implementation they support.

04 We test before Implementation!

In the test phase the new or optimized service is tested based on prototypes, mock ups or the re-enacting of service scenes in small, but realistic frameworks. Through this, weak points can already be uncovered cost effectively in front of the implementation to nearly eliminate far reaching consequences.

05 We put ideas into practice!

The aim is to design all touch points to a ready to the market level and to prepare all service employees in font stage - as well as in backstage positions as best as possible. First implementation successes can already be achieved within the first days; other approaches require more patience and longer term motivation. We support you to keep important themes present and your team motivated. Together we develop action plans and coordinate responsibilities, to make innovative services and the framework for positive customer experiences happen.

06 With us you don’t stand still!

Also after the implementation of new and optimized services the challenge is to evaluate them in regular intervals to check long term success and acceptance. The markets that surround your services change as well as the needs of your customers. Gladly we examine your service with a time lag in between for a second time and frame together with your company a possible need for adjustment.