Good customer experiences can’t be designed, but the setting where they can happen can be.

Together we identify service potentials and define your strenghts. Based on that tailored service concepts alongside optimized processes, which will create the perfect setting for positive customer experiences.

Consumers do not always have to be the customers of a service, also colleagues and employees can be seen as consumers. In both cases it is important to provide a customer oriented service that has been systematically designe


We support you and your company to optimize existing service offers and to develop new and unique service concepts. We will explore your current service processes and offers

  • We will identify with you your service potential and define your strengths
  • We will establish the needs of your customers and colleagues
  • We will optimize existing services and develop tailored service innovations
  • We will help with the implementation of new concepts


In individualized and tailored workshops to suit your needs, we will establish with you relevant topics and give insights into our discipline. If a general introduction in and a sensitization for the field of service design and the possibilities, the joint generation of ideas or the joint analysis of existing potentials on the basis of diverse creativity tools and methods. We are pleased to develop individually balanced workshops around the field of service design.


What is service design and what can it do for you as a service provider? What framework is necessary for an internal service culture? How do you fill your employees with enthusiasm towards the idea of experiencing your service through the eyes of your customers, to finally create and act customer oriented. We are pleased to introduce our field of work as well as project examples to your company, your institution or on conferences and enrich your panel discussions.


Services can and must be designed with the same systematically effort as products are, because together they form product – service – systems that surround us day by day. We want to support young and upcoming designers to think holistic and to look at needs and problems as a whole. The aim is to be open towards other disciplines and to network across faculties to develop successful approaches and concepts.