Nordic Service Design!

Design Lehrauftrag an der HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd in Kooperation mit der Stadt Norden, Sommersemester 2010

Die Stadt Norden, eine Touristenstadt an der Küste, strebt für sich optimale Service-Qualität an, mit dem Ziel das Siegel „Service Qualität Deutschland“ für sich zu erhalten. Seit 2006 sind für dieses Vorhaben so genannte Qualitäts-Coaches ausgebildet worden, doch klassisches Verwaltungsdenken, fehlende Strukturen und der ganz normale Arbeitsalltag lassen das Vorhaben immer wieder in den Hintergrund treten. Nach vielen klassischen externen Beratungen und diversen internen Ansätzen öffnete sich Norden nun dem neuen Feld Service Design, um noch einmal mit der Service Initiative durchzustarten.

Dipping into the Wold of Norden – workshop

The students were supposed to find out first hand on what service design can accomplish and how it is applied. After a profound preparation a team of 15 was traveling to Norden for a two day project research on site. In a first intensive workshop and a shadowing unit, both guided by Annika Hertz-Schlag, they got to know the challenges the staff members face in their daily work lifes. They uncovered themes like internal communication, processes and procedures as well as innovation Processes and responsibilities. Based on this the Students developed questions and tasks for the upcoming creation Workshop the next day in which first approaches to specific investigated scenarios could be developed and fields of activity have been defined commonly. Back in Schwäbisch Gmünd the output of the field research served as a profound foundation for further conception.

Transferring knowledge into ideas - concept generation

The second half of the Project was used to develop solutions for the identified problems in smaller work groups. Ideas and approaches have constantly been presented and discussed within the whole project team to acquire a holistic concept in which all interfaces engage smoothly. Through the use of several creativity techniques the Students learned to work in a creative, critical and constructional spirit at the same time and finally developed a broad concept devided into six sub areas.

  • Internal Motivation campaign set up for one Year to bring the service initiative back to life and integrate all staff members into the Process
  • Development of a CI for the team and the work of the quality coaches
  • A tool package to support a constructional conversation and feedback culture
  • Reworking of the Intranet
  • Restructuring of the organization chart as well as the development of a staff platform as information tool
  • Guidelines for a structured capturing and trans positioning process of the quality coache