The IKK Academy – Successful learning and feeling at home

Training and further education in the context of customer orientation

The Challenge

The IKK Academy supports health insurances in education and further training of their employees. The high Standard of the education quality is now supposed to be transferred to the entire Customer experience as well as the operation method of the employees. The customers of the IKK academy not only expect high quality in regards of content, the local and In-house service experience moved into focus as well. The aim is to design the whole service experience – starting with registration and seminar participation down to the follow up of a seminar – as an integrative concept.


Starting with the Research to the point of Ideation a Team of 15 Lecturers, administration secretaries, the CEO, the maintenance man and a chef supported the project. All Participants worked together in an individual coordinated workshop series to optimize the service experience of the IKK Academy.

The Focus of collaboration was on observing processes and their weak points from someone else’s perspective (guest/college) and based on that the creation of an approach to solve these Problems. Combining the different responsibilities and skills of the participants allowed an effective utilization of the existing knowledge and facilitates the implementation in terms of acceptance of future processes. As a side effect the joint research encourages the understanding of the employees amongst each another.

Exploration and Reflection

After a series of workshops to sensitize the Participants for the field of service design they followed, guided by service works, guests and colleagues carrying out ordinary actions to understand their service experiences and work perspectives. The collected customer experiences and whishes as well as the insights gained from staff members behind the scenes have been assembled and discussed in the second workshop module. Based on both perspectives a connection between weak points in internal processes and weaknesses in the customer experience could be made.

Designing – developing service-innovation

In a last step a wide pool of ideas, based on predefined fields of activity and Creation sessions, prepared by service works, has been developed. The Staff members were able to contribute with own ideas and learned in interdisciplinary teams to generate precise user centered approaches for problem solving within a very short period of time.