Service design brings functionality and form to services to improve the experience for customers whilst improving efficiency for the provider.

In an already saturated market with interchangeable products, it is more important than ever for businesses to define and establish their unique selling point. Services can provide the defining factor that makes your business stand out from the crowd. Designed services should be based on an understanding of the customer’s perspective and be integrated into the existing brand management process. By providing a unique brand experience, a striking and unrivalled ‘product’, your brand can not only separate itself from the competition, but also offer financial and social value. Services are developed, that on the one side customers desire and on the other side empower employees to work efficiently and effectively. 

What makes our Service Design projects stand out

  • Projects are with and for people – focussing on both customers and providers
  • Overcoming the effect of ‘business blinkers’

  • Developing useable, useful and cost effective services
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Ensuring and improving customer satisfaction
  • Support in providing consistent customer care
  • Appealing offers for new customers

  • Making insights tangible for all involved
  • Improved employee satisfaction through intense integration
  • Making internal knowledge transparent
  • Sensitising your employees to customer oriented thinking and behaviour
  • Effective and efficient design of service processes